Windfree makes noise when switched off only if it's very cold. Normal?

I have a Samsung Windfree AJ050TXJ2KG/EU air conditioner. From the car outside when it’s very cold I hear a hum. Even when turned off. Does it seem normal to you? Samsung support says it could be defrosting. It seems strange to me to do it off.


You don’t want your heat pump to freeze, even if you’ve turned it off, and neither does the manufacturer. So most of these have an internal sensor to indicate when the outside air is cold enough to start freezing the unit, and it will run a defrost cycle on its own.

  • During a defrost cycle, The compressor will keep running and can appear louder than normal.
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I was hoping for an answer like this!
I had looked online in the manual but I had not found confirmation on the operation from off. The installer didn’t even know about this function, Samsung customer service instead had given me a similar answer, but I took the liberty of asking everyone worldwide to get feedback that would reassure me

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