WindFree gone from API overnight?

First post, not sure if right category :frowning:

I am developing custom integration for Home assistant, allowing extra features to my Samsung Windfree AC. I noticed today that Windfree option, which was under custom capability ‘acOptionalMode’ is throwing 500 error. State of device still shows acOptionalMode and it’s value, however there is no option to trigget custom capability as all custom capabilities are now gone from list of available ones for this device. It’s supposed to be now in ‘airConditionerFanMode’ as ‘windFree’, it accepts this as input for API but device doesn’t switch. Any ideas? Is this some bug introduced in new verison? If so, how can I report it so it gets fixed?

Nevermind it’s back on again. WTF is happening SmartThings devs?!

What is the syntax you are using to activate the Windfree option?