Wind caused an alarm when door moved slightly— how to prevent?


We had a bad experience this weekend.

I have a door sensor on my rear door (double door). We went to sleep, with the alarm on. During the night, we had a lot of wind. At 4 a.m. the wind push our rear door, causing the sensor to see the door open, launching the alarm after 30 seconds (with a simulated sensor)

Is there a way to address those kind of false opening, where the door open and then close 1 second after ?

Idea ?

Can you explain what Alarm system you are using. Is this simply SHM, or is the the ADT Panel. There are also several other integrations that could possibly be involved.

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The alarm is SHM only

i use a smart apps to delay the alarm by 30 sec, with a simulated contact sensors

Thanks !

how much sway does the door have. Every door/windows sensor I have used has a little tollerance albiet small amount where the door could move before it is triggered. It could be as simple as to replace the door sensor with somethnig that has a little bit more forgivness.

What about an additional or stronger magnet, thus increasing the distance that the door must move before setting off the alarm.



Could be a good idea, will shop for stronger magnet

Other than that, is there a was to cancel the alarm if the door open/close in a short period (1 second) ?


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