Will writing a SmartApp correct Wemo switch behavior?

I’m brand new to SmartThings, and so far most everything’s great. One little thing not working right is this: I have a Wemo switch which I can control using the SmartThings Wemo Labs. The switch is configured in the Wemo app to shut off automatically after 30 minutes of turning on, and in the SmartThings app I configured it to turn on at a specific time. That time arrives, the switch turns on, then 30 minutes later it turns back off. Easy Peasy… EXCEPT that the SmartThings app doesn’t update the switch status back to off unless I refresh it. I mean, it’ll indicate the switch is on all day if I leave it alone.
I’ve read a little bit here and I am wondering if I need to write a SmartApp ‘subscribing’ to the switch so SmartThings app can see its actions. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

As this device is wifi and not zwave or zigbee updates will be a bit off. What you are looking for is some pollster love. Tell pollster to poll your switch once a minute and smarthings will be forced to update. One warning though, schedules are currently dieing for no good reason, so it will work for a while and then it won’t. Just open up pollster hit done and it will work again. Rinse, repeat… until smartthings fixes the scheduling issue.