Will we ever have a proper notification system?

Hello, i am shocked by the fact that smartthings still doesn’t have a proper notification system in 2020, i kept waiting for it to appear in some update seems to be totally negligible
I am using 3 apps instead of just smartthings to receive 3 different notifications which is absurd .
Basically smartthings pretty much has 1 notification type for everything which is a big flaw.
For example i want home monitor to have its own notification with a siren sound, is an alarm, is important, i want to to be able to sound even if i’m sleeping (by ignoring not disturb option) and have a different sound than the others to know is important and that i have to look right away.
A notification that someone arrived home can be easily on silent(just text). and the list goes on.
Basically right now i am using the old smartthings app just to tell me if my hub is online/offline , i am using new smartthings app just for my home monitor and iftt for a more basic notification and i could do all of these 3 just in new smartthings app if they would offer more notification types.

Good old stringify would create a new notification type for EVERY new automation which was brilliant, you could customize the notification for each of your automation and this is the best thing smartthings can do.
But i would be happy even with a more basic way.
For example we should have a notification type for hub goes online/offline, a notification type for home monitor, a notification type for any custom automation .

Let’s see an example from another app to see how a proper notification system looks like (messenger)

Notice how advanced it is and how it can let you customize pretty much everything.
Now let’s look how smartthings notification system looks.

It is mediocre and from my tests i didin’t see what “general notifications” are for, only 1 notification type seems to be active.

So i am writing this in the hope that we will soon have a more advanced notification system with at least 4-5 times categories.
Thank you

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