Will there ever be an "auto-update" option for IDE integration?

I use IDE integration on a number of Smartapps and device handlers. It makes makes it a little easier (than copy/paste) to update when new versions are released.

But what I want is a setting to auto update my smartapps/device handlers when the author releases an update.

Is this just not possible to do in a GitHub environment, or crazy difficult to enable?

Having to remember to check and then manually update each app/DTH (especially when the IDE is running slowly) is a PITA and seems so 1990. :slight_smile:

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Call me a conspiracy theorist, and these are just my opinions as always, but I think it’s pretty clear that SmartThings does not want to make it easier for unreviewed / unpublished SmartApps and DTH’s to be distributed (and auto-updated).

While this is undeniably a reason that a huge proportion of this Community exists, it is not, given all visible evidence not the current core strategy of the company.

“Submit, review, publish” was the mantra as of Robert Parker’s hiring just over a year ago, but but without resources allocated to “review”, I see no reason that SmartThings would not consider anything that approaches “pseudo-publish” to be facilitated. There’s still just too much risk to the Platform, unfortunately.

This has been discussed many times in the past; i.e., could the Community offer an alternative way to distribute code? I think it’s clear that without the official support of SmartThings’s management, the chance of success is low.