Will Iris Keypad still open a MyQ garage door controller if the wifi isn't working?

I’m new to this smarthings stuff, so sorry for my ignorance. My wifi is very sketchy at times and will sometimes be off. Will an Iris Keypad still open a MyQ garage door controller if the wifi isn’t working? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately not

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Depends on how your MyQ is setup. If your MyQ is connected directly through WiFi then it won’t work.
However if you MyQ is setup to use the MyQ Gateway, as long as your gateway is connected to the internet (it uses Ethernet), then yes it’ll work with a Keypad even if your WiFi is down.

How so? The keypad runs in the cloud. I’m assuming the OP means no WiFi = no Internet.

Interesting… I’m assuming the smartthings hub would have to be connected by ethernet as well in order to communicate then?

I’m actually trying to get this working with your “lock user management”, so that I ca assign a code for renters that would work with both garage door and front door lock.

@rex64stang by “wifi isn’t working” do you mean all internet to your house is gone, or just your wifi router is having issues, but internet to the house is fine?

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I was thinking about “the internet as a whole”. But am now realizing it probably won’t work thanks to you guys. I’m assuming moving to a Linear/GoControl would probably be a better option, since it would rely on zwave instead?


not really. Any device using a custom handler, and some standard devices, run in the cloud. Which means they rely on the internet. Since your keypad uses a custom handler, every automation involving it will run in the cloud and rely on internet. And unfortunately in the case of the keypad, there is no standard handler that that exists :slightly_frowning_face:


Ok. Thanks for everything. Guess, I’ll just have to work with my internet provider to make the internet more reliable.

Depends on what you’re trying to “proof”. In most causes the internet itself is usually quite reliable. It’s the power outage that causes an issue. If so the simplest solution is to buy a 3 hr UPS from Amazon and hook up your cable/DSL modem, ST hub, WiFi router etc to the UPS and it’ll still work during a power outage. In fact we recommend this setup for all hosts. For about $60 the UPS improves the reliability of your remote home in a significant way. If you have a signal booster attached to your modem make sure that too is connected to the UPS.


If your Internet is unreliable, as happens in some rural locations, then smartthings is probably not a good match for your needs. It is still largely a cloud-based system.

An alternative is to look at hubitat or Homeseer, both of which run locally except for some third-party integrations like voice assistants.

But I don’t know that either can work with myQ, but I do know that either can work with a gocontrol zwave garage opener. So it just depends on your specific needs.

Quite a few community members run both smartthings and Hubitat because they can put essential local operations on Hubitat and pretty easily combine it with the advanced cloud features of smartthings. It does require some good technical skills, though.