Will hub remember settings and connections when moved to a different network?

I’m in the process of having a new home built in CO. I will be investing and installing a whole laundry list of automation devices (Nest, Sonos, Hue, GE z-wave switches/dimmers, Echo, etc.) all centralized through smartthings. I would like to start skilling myself up early by tinkering with a few products now, in our interim living quarters…

If it is possible, I would love to be able to program and link many of the ‘things’ before we move in, to decrease setup time (my wife won’t be happy if I’m spending all my time setting up smartthings vs. unpacking boxes…)

Question: As I setup smarthings and get it to recognize things, will it remember those devices once installed on a new network? If so, would it also remember modes/scenes that are set?

While I haven’t done this personally, It’s my understanding that Yes it will retain most of the associations you listed.

The ones it wouldn’t retain would probably be anything that it discovers via network/ip. I don’t have any Sono’s but my samsung speaker would be one that if I switched network if the local ip changes the association to ST would change.

It also shouldn’t affect cloud connected devices like alexa