Will GE Dimmable Switch and Caseta Wireless work together in a 3-way switch setting?

As @Navat604 said, your initial idea won’t work, they’re just not compatible. In fact, the Lutron pico switches are invisible to SmartThings in the official integration; the only thing they can be used for is to control a Lutron master switch.

And as it happens, the GE add on switches are also themselves invisible to the smartthings hub – – they don’t have any radio at all, and just communicate with their master switch with pulses over the traveler wire. So they cannot be used with any other brand.

That said, as he also mentioned, any device which can communicate directly to the smartthings hub can be used in a virtual three-way. The device talks to the hub, the hub talks to the master switch. And there are a number of other battery operated devices which could be used.

The following FAQ lists both battery powered and mains powered devices, both wall mount and table top, so you might find something there that works for you. Just read the descriptions carefully to make sure it will fit you use case.

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