Will D-link camera from US be supported by a UK ST Hub 2.0

(S A ) #1


As in the title, My question is about if there is different between D-link cams in the US and UK…

I assume d-link baisd on IP connection rather then z wave or zigbi… So would not be any problems if i use US cam with UK ST hub… Am I Right?

My second question is that, if I link the D-link cam wil I be able to continue using the D-link platform (the app and the recording device) ?

Thank you.

(Ben Lebson) #2

It’s based on wifi so it should work, the only issue would be the power supply being for a US socket.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #3

is not different between D-link cams in the US and UK.
cloud to cloud method connect.
you can use the D-link platform as second app on smartphone

(S A ) #4

Sounds perfect thank you guys…