Will Amazon Buy Wink?

Wink is in 300,000 homes, but the company is “running on fumes” and looking for a buyer. Home Depot doesn’t want the customer support costs. Best Buy reportedly passed. This week’s rumor: will Amazon buy it and rename it “Kindle Home” ?

Expect a lot of Wink questions in the forums soon if they don’t. :wink:


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Lots of potential buyers… I’d throw Target in as a relatively high possibility too.

Pretty sure Target already passed, too, same reason as Home Depot: they’re not in the business of that kind of customer support. (Wink was up for sale officially from Feb. to April, during which time they bricked the system. Lost a lot of interest at that point.) Wink has acknowledged they lose money on every hub sold. I don’t really see it as a retailer play right now.

Amazon is a whole different business model, profits are less important to them than growth.

It would make sense and I certainly hope they will. It’s already integrated with Echo and half-open. Amazon could take it to the next level. Hardware-wise it’s a solid platform. If anyone can make a solid cloud-based platform, it’s probably Amazom. I’d bet on them 10 to 1 against Samsung.


Well… If the stock market reflected those odds, Amazon ought to pay $2,000,000,000.

What are you talking about? Sammy paid $200M for ST, so 10:1 would be $2B, which is less than Google paid for Nest, but considering finantial trouble Wink is in, Amazon could probably get it for $300M to $500M.

Oops… Quite correct … I added 1 too many zeros. I’ll fix my post.

That’s not the craziest move I’ve ever heard. If they could straighten out the terrible software it would be good. Between the Wink line of hardware and Echo they have a pretty powerful mix. Plus they could run bundles with other products like NEST and others.