Will a SmartApp correct this behavior?

I’m brand new to SmartThings, and so far most everything’s great. One little thing not working right is this: I have a Wemo switch which I can control using the SmartThings Wemo Labs. The switch is configured in the Wemo app to shut off after 30 minutes, and in SmartThings app I configured it to turn on at a specific time. That time arrives, the switch turns on, then 30 minutes later it turns back off. Easy Peasy… EXCEPT that the SmartThings app doesn’t update the switch status to off unless I refresh it. I mean, it’ll indicate the switch is on all day if I leave it alone.
I’ve read a little bit here and I am wondering if I need to write a SmartApp ‘subscribing’ to the switch so SmartThings app can see its actions. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

This is just poor behavior on the part of the Wemo integration. The mobile app not showing the current state is not uncommon, and there isn’t much you can do about it. You don’t need to write a SmartApp to subscribe to the switch, and that wouldn’t solve the problem.

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I was wondering the same this whole morning trying to figure out what’s going on. Here is what I did - I wrote a smartapp for web services integration with my wemo switches. The on / off works fine except when I tried to do the toggle (a separate cmd my smartapp accept). The problem is not the toggle or the web service itself, the problem is when I read the current state of the wemo switch, the value may or may not correct depends on how the wemo switch is turn on / off:

  1. If I use the smartthing app to turn on / off the wemo switch, the swtich’s currentValue is always correct (given that I dont do anything between using the app to turn on/off and reading the value)

  2. If I use web services to turn on / off the switch, the switch’s currentValue is always incorrect.

  3. If I use another smartapp to trigger an on/off action with the wemo switch (e.g. motion sensor), the switch current value is not correct

  4. If I turn off the switch physically, the current value is always incorrect

To summarize, the only way the currentValue of the wemo device (being read by the smartapp) will be correct if and only if it is turn on / off using the smartthing app on my phone. I tested on both wemo wall switch and the wemo socket switch. Both of my switches are using the latest firmware (I just installed them two days ago).

Any chance the “wemo connect” will be updated to at least make the state of the switch consistent with the actual value? Are Aeon Labs switches better? I can still return the wemo before it’s too late.

Thanks for all your help.

Yes aeon labs switches are better, I have 30 of them and status is perfect.

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I’ve been using the Smart App Pollster to refresh my WeMo devices every 2 minutes.