Will 3-way switches without traveler wires communicate + function when hub is down?

Does anyone know if 3-way switches without traveler wires (i.e. Linear WD500Z-1 and Linear WT00Z1) communicate + function when hub is down? I ask because not having to wire a traveler wire is attractive, but I don’t want the remote switch in the 3-way to become useless if my hub is down or offline…

I think so but I think you need to associate them with something like a minimote. I can’t provide details, unfortunately, as I haven’t done it myself but I think what you are describing should work with the extra hardware to create the association since the hub can’t do that.

Can’t speak about Linear switches, but the GE 3-Way switches don’t need a hub to function. The traveler wire sends the signal to the primary switch, not the hub.

I believe that these are “internally” associated. They are sorta paired, one to the other, and thereforeshould work. But, like Linda, I’m not 100% sure on the details on how this is done.

Looking through the manual here: http://www.zwaveproducts.com/layout/manuals/WT00Z1_manual.pdf

It appears as if the WT00Z1 acts as a secondary controller. Given this, it should operate independent of the Hub (or other Z-wave master controller). So I’m pretty sure the answer is that Yes, it will function if the Hub is down.

Just an FYI, the potential downside of this is that if your main switch (the WD500Z-1) is toggled on or off via the secondary switch/controller (the WT00Z1), SmartThings may or may not notice this right away. There’s some quirks in the way Z-wave devices can report status due to a stupid patent given to Lutron. Change made via a Secondary controller can sometimes take a number of minutes to report to the primary controller.

You can use the pollster app to schedule updates more regularly to mitigate the problems with this.

Yes. I have a couple three way setups with Linear switches that work when the ST hub is down. Like Linda said, you will need to associate them with a minimote though.