WikiLeaks claims Samsung TVs enable surveillance

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But can it tell your Samsung washer to explode on cue? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ron Talley) #3

There’s a scene in Jason Bourne (2016) where he was in the hackers room on his computer after he forced him to decode an encrypted file that had all of the CIA’s “special ops” information neatly separated into folders.

K, so, they hacked into the surveillance camera that was on the roof 2 buildings over. Was able to zoom in and see that he was on the computer. Then they needed to delete the files which were, by the way, on a “hackers” computer so you know he had a VPN. Then they said, oh wait, he has a lan line, we can use that to delete the files…

Through all of this BS, even though the computer was connected via wifi and had absolutely nothing to do with the lan line, they were able to somehow, not only delete the files but totally shut off the computer where as it to never work again in life…

I said to myself, where in the heck do they get these ideas from? Then I said, hmmm…Then I read this wiki-leak…

As I am typing this on my work computer, I wonder if the IT guy is watching me through the little camera on the monitor or better yet, knows that I am doing absolutely nothing right now?!

Welp…back to work.

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You know the most common password for 2016 is 123456. Can’t be that difficult for an unlimited resource department like CIA to listen in.

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I have a Samsung tv in my bedroom… Who do I call for copies of the video?

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If I had one in my bedroom, they would be calling animal control cause I am a BEAST! Well…at least I like to think so. The Mrs. doesn’t seem to think so.

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You’ve obviously never seen that well-known documentary on computer hacking, War Games. If you had you’d know that even the systems controlling the U.S. nuclear ballistic missile assets are accessible via a 300 baud dial-up modem and a public carrier.

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I just should not be laughing his hard at work!! Oh man, I remember watching that flick back in the day and thinking the same darn thing! I guess I haven’t changed much over the years.

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