WigWag (Kickstarter Project: Extensible sensor object and cloud….)

Hey guys…

Yet another “internet sensor / control thing” out there: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wigwag/wigwag-scan-it-control-it-rule-it-share-it

The WigWag thing and environment seems rather similar to SmartThings (as do many of the Home Automation projects out there, of course … though WigWag seems to be a little more similar that others, particularly due to mention of inclusion ZigBee, Z-Wave, …, + Bluetooth [all through added dongles] ). Comes with an RS-232 port and IR relay too.

From the Kickstarter video, I am a particularly impressed by the “When… Then…” Rule programming interface, which seems to be extremely graphical (i.e, drag & drop…) in nature. The underlying functionality is the same as a SmartApp (perhaps a little stronger or weaker in various areas), yet seems more accessible to the non-geek crowd (while still providing a text programming environment based on Node.JS under the hood)… They also claim to simplify the pairing process by using QR Codes.

The Project also describes inherent caching of the WigWag cloud-based code to the hub (“relay”) level in the home.

What do y’all think? Just another star in this universe? Or a black hole :wink:

I found this topic by way of WigWag’s kickstarter comments. As a non-geek (or non-programmer), this does seem potentially easier to use/setup.

The other thing that really jumped out at me is the fact that the rules are all stored on the Relay (hub). They said in their comments;
You could set up a rule(s), and the just disconnect your Relay from the cloud. However, the Relay would need to connect to the cloud for initial configuration.
I know that others have expressed a wish for ST to have this functionality (for various reasons). I am just guessing here but I assume that as the rules are stored on the hub, that there would be less latency/relaying of info and actions??

Very interesting indeed.

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The price of the sensors seem quite good for what you get as well - depending on what you want to do with them. One way I was planning on using ST is in the rumpus room. I envisaged having a motion sensor (or 2) and the IR blaster, working in conjunction with LIFX bulbs and Ubi voice control, a split system air conditioner, tv etc. Eg, kid leaves the room for more than 5 minutes the TV, air, and lights are switched off. With ST this would require a motion sensor and a blaster, where it would only require the one sensor with WigWag.

Hi CosmicPuppet!

Your way of programming seems quite simple, so I think it would be possible that Fiona (yer another kickstarter proyect http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adelerobots/fiona-your-voice-has-never-been-this-powerful-0) could create the instructiont from user voice commands…

And that seem really nice… Using the voice to change the way your home is working… Would you like to talk about a possible collaboration?