Wifi vs ethernet Smarthings Hub V3: Any advice?

Hi everyone. Just got my new Samsungs SmartThings Hub V3 in today. I am ready to hook it up. I’m trying to decide between wifi & Ethernet. I heard it can be a pain if you want to switch later. Any big advantages of going with ethernet over wifi? Reliability? I’m not sure if it needs the extra bandwidth that gigabit Ethernet has? Should i just use wifi so i have flexibility in placement later on or are their advantages on going with ethernet? Right now where i want to place it ethernet would be perfect but who knows in the future if i change my mind.


In most implementations, the SmartThings hub is relatively low bandwidth (as compared to streaming audio). So the answer is dependent on your Router’s wifi and Ethernet capability. Do you have a LOT of WiFi streaming devices? If so, then consider Ethernet, if not, WiFi vs Ethernet is a toss-up.

I personally like the convenience of WiFi. Example: if you have a large house, the capability to relocate may be valuable as you add Zigbee and Z-wave devices. You can move the hub to assist installation or move it to a better location to maintain the installed devices links.


Oh interesting. Are you implying an ethernet cable is not required?

I have a cell-phone modem ( a verizon jetpack) which has no ethernet port. And I wanted to know if the SmartThings could simply extend my existing Wifi network without an ethernet cable.