WiFi Power switch to remotely power cycle your hub $16.18 w/Prime

Had that happen a couple weeks ago. Wife went to show what she had just ordered and it was $10/ 25% less than she had just paid. For the first time contacting Amazon CS did no good and they refused to match the new price ( even though it had not shipped yet ) or at least give us a gift card for the price difference / inconvenience. Conveniently it was marked as shipped while she was on the phone with them so we could not just cancel and re-order it at new price. Well not unless we wanted to pay $16 shipping to return a $40 item to buy it again for $30.

It’s really infuriating that Amazon will not adjust the price after purchase, especially when the item hasn’t even shipped. In those situations I just say screw them, order the item at the better price and then submit a claim saying the first item is defective so they give you a 100% refund and pay for the return shipping. I figure if this happens to them enough they’ll adjust their policies.

I could have, but not with this item. Hard to say a 20lb box of stuffing for teddy bears was defective LOL


Water damaged!

inconsistent fiber lengths

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I want to suggest wrong color, but that’s just getting petty… :slight_smile:

If you’re going to pick up a cheap WiFi switch I’d recommend looking at the TP-Link models. There’s a good chance that we offer compatibility with them before the end of the year.


Any chance of iDevices Switch support forthcoming? I got a ton of them for cheap on clearance at HD and would love to be able to use them with ST.

Not on our roadmap right now. I’ll mention it to our Partnership team.


If you guys are using a credit card that has price guarantee coverage, you should use Paribus. They monitor your email and/or Amzon account for purchases, and submit the claim to your CC automatically. Just saved $30 on a Fire tablet we bought in May.

https://paribus.co/i/4du0Fp (this is a referral link)


Thanks. I’ll settle for the TP-Links for now. They’re regularly on sale for $19.99 and if you keep your eyes peeled you can sometimes pick them up for $14.99. I’ve got a couple right now I stopped using that I’ve swapped with the iDevices outlets because they work with HomeKit. Once ST integration happens I’ll likely swap the TP-Links back in and pick up a few more.

I remember when they first came out, I had forgotten all about them, thanks for the reminder.

Hi @Tyler,

Which Models of TP-Link are you looking to integrate?

I’d expect to support both the Smart Wi-Fi Plug and the Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.

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Just found this reply to a review ov TP-Link Smart Outlet.

Need to open a port on the router firewall to ensure that TCP port 50443 is open device remote control.

Any update on the timeline for the TP Link plug integration?

Any updates on the TP link KASA integration with ST?

I’d also appreciate an update on when the TP-Link Smart Plug will be supported.

Don’t leave us hanging like this. Please give us an update.


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