WiFi LAN Performance

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Since installing 19 WiFi cameras (all streaming at max frame count / mixed protocols (some H264, Some with a different flavor of compression) I’m seeing (and expected) serious network degradation on throughput. Specifically annoying when latency causes command to PTZ cameras take so long that they end up “overshooting” where I’m trying to pan (or tilt or zoom) and also delays in the cameras individually connecting back to monitoring apps. I’m running an Asus RT-AC66u and 3 EA-N66’s in repeater mode (same SSID) along with high gain antennas on the RT66 a everything back hauls to a Cisco 3925. Add the Smarthub plus all my desktops, laptops, pads, iPhones, android stuff, etc. and that’s allot of WiFi. So I’m looking for ideas on how to segment the network to perhaps have a HA only Network that I could put the ST Hub and the cameras on and having everything else on a diffent segment (and running 2 or more AC66’s with different SSID’s on different channels. The original topology was setup so I would have “seamless” coverage and everything would see everything else without all the issue of "how to view a camera on one network from a device on another. I would appreciate any suggestions on what the best way would be for me to re-configure the setup and still be able to have the ease of use/flexibility that a single SSID’d network provides. My Netwok usage is pegged with nothing more than the IP cameras doing their thing - never mind if I try to do something complicated like sending an email or heaven forbid, stream a video. The only upside is that I do have “seamless coverage” in a 2 story house, a 20x40 foot workshop that’s 60 feet+ away and with a few Dkink Dap-1320’s linerally sprinkled in trees and running off solar packs, covering several hundred feet around the core (originating router location) so I can use, for example, an IP phone or have a camera at my boat dock which is 350+ feet from the house. I’m hoping there’s a net engineer here somewhere with some ideas. Before I needed to go camera crazy, it all worked out fine but now its a royal PITA. Again, my primary concern is to have a seamless as possible handoff for devices that move around and be able to access LAN connected devices as transparently as possible (which was the objective if having a single SSID to begin with. (I forgot, there’s a half dozen WiFi printers in the mix as well. I’m pretty good with networking bt this is way over my head and I need to “crowd source” a solution. Any help/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I should mention, although its far away and in the end just another router, I have an Almond + coming next year when the first batch gets released (but really, its just a router with a pretty screen - no groundbreaking technology) an anyway, I need a roadmap/solution like yesterday. Th ams

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Last bump before I post in a networking forum - c’mon, someone here must be network savvy.

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Short answer:

Look for commercial networking products.

My experience is limited: Clean hand-offs (using same SSID, but multiple channels) work fine – but, all the installations I have seen use hardwiring to each AP, even if the range of each AP has significant overlap.

Theory here: If using multi-band routers, one band could be dedicated for AP to AP communication (like hardwiring).

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@cp - well the Cisco router cost about $4500 so that’s not the issue. The Asus Wifi AP is about as high end consumer grade as you can find and I’ve got roof mounted directional high gain antennas and the repeaters are also fairly high end consumer grade and I’m reading blazing speeds… But… Since I have the luxury of playing with OPM (other people’s money) I can try swapping out the wifi AP for a pepwave access point and split 3 directional antennas off that. That’s the setup AT&T is using for their commercial wifi in Tampa. I think its something more basic that I’m missing, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m getting bad latency and frame rates on what should be 30fps hidef video and remote PTZ (its like tell it to zoom and 20 seconds later it zooms) and I walk past a camera and come snide and then see myself 15-30 seconds in the past. I’ll keep plugging away.