Wifi hub ET-525

In page 4 of the SmartThing Wi-Fi Hub ET-W525, it says:

“2 . Connect the adapter to the Wi-Fi hub. The Wi-Fi hub will turn on and the indicator light will flash green. Use only Samsung-approved adapters (12 V/2.1 A or higher).

•You can use the Wi-Fi hub only when you connect the Wi-Fi hub to an adapter.

•If the Wi-Fi hub overheats for a prolonged period, the Wi-Fi hub may automatically turn off or reset. When this happens continually, disconnect the adapter from the Wi-Fi hub and contact a Samsung Service Centre.

•To save energy, unplug the adapter when not in use. The adapter does not have a power switch, so you must unplug the adapter from the electric socket when not in use to avoid wasting power. The adapter should remain close to the electric socket and be easily accessible while using it.”

Can you pls tell me why I need this adapter? Where can I buy this adapter if indeed I need It?

Edwin Zambrano

Sounds like this is just talking about the power adapter (aka “power supply”, aka “wall wort”, aka “AC to DC adapter”).

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