Wifi Diffuser?


Not sure if this has been done already but I cant seem to find a device handler for WIFI/Smart diffusers. I’m not sure how many people with smarthings are using these devices, but would be great if you could integrate them with the same features you see within the smart life app.

I am no developer or know even where to start with creating the device handler but it would interesting to see how many people are using these and would like this added within the smartthings.

What options are you looking for, other than on and off? Some WiFi diffusers have IFTTT support, so they’re easily controllable, via a virtual switch, to control with ST. Turn on and off based on presence/mode/etc.

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If it is a Tuya device, then I would wait for the Globe Suite integration. That might would contain that too.


For simplicity I chose a diffuser that can be used with a smart plug.


Thanks for the comments, I forgot to add I currently have it setup with a virtual switch but it will only give you the feature to turn on and off, where as in the app smart life you can adjust mist level and light. It would be amazing to have these inside smartthings.

Good shout, we will have to see. cant wait to have standard protocol.

I have an automation setup and using the virtual switch.

WiFi doesn’t have a standard for home automation commands, unlike Zwave and zigbee, so the integration process can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some might be possible and others not. So the first question is what is the brand and model of your diffuser?

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

The current diffuser I am using around the house is


Looks like a nice device! :sunglasses:

I agree that the easiest thing would be to wait a few weeks and see if it works with the Global Suite integration which is expected in February.


Sounds like the best plan to be fair, lets just hope they integrate it fairly quick.

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Where can I find more information about the Global Suite? I recently acquired a Wi-Fi diffuser with Tuya, which I currently can control through the TuyaSmart app (on/off, lights and flow) or Alexa (on/off and light but not flow) and I’d like to have it as a device on ST.
This is my diffuser:

Unfortunately, since the first beta release, the globe suite integration has been locked down and now works only with their own globe brand devices. So you will have to see if you can do anything with Ifttt or Alexa routines. See the WiFi FAQ linked to above in post 8.