Wifi and ZWave Leviton - Mix & Match in 3-Way?

Is there any wireless communication going on between the parent and slave switches in Leviton’s 3-way implementation? No, right? Just standard electrical via the traveler wire? I ask as I plan to use their new Wifi switches in an outbuilding I’m finishing up but have one 3-way where the primary switch is in the house, so it would be a ZWave master with a Wifi slave in the outbuilding.

Correct: The auxiliary switches, which Leviton calls “remotes” may have to be matched for voltage but they are dumb switches, no radio of any kind inside. They do connect by physical traveler wires and they can be used with any of the networked Decora Digital or Decora Smart master switches, so the remote could be used with a bluetooth master, Z wave master, or Wi-Fi master.


So there really isn’t such a thing as a " WiFi auxiliary" from the Leviton line. There’s just a " smart remote" which could work with a zwave master or a WiFi master.

That said…as you mentioned, the remote communicates with the master via a physical traveler wire. It would be very unusual for the master and the remote to be in two different buildings as you still have to run the physical traveler wire between them.

Also, you probably already know this, but at the present time the Wi-Fi version of the Leviton switches does not have any way of communicating with SmartThings. That may change eventually, but it’s where we are right now.

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Thanks. I already have 12/3 romex going between the buildings, so the traveler wire isn’t a problem. This is for outdoor flood lights on both the house and the outbuilding. Was thinking have a switch in the main house and in the shed that operated the floods would be nice, but this isn’t critical. Just something that dawned on me while I was working on the electrical plan for the outbuilding.

Hoping cloud-to-cloud for Leviton to Smartthings is coming per the staff comments on the thread about the new wifi switches, but we will see. It would save me a bunch of hassle.

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