Widget for app shm and mode status Android

Is there any widget that shows you the smart home monitor state and/or mode on an android phone without having to launch the app. ?

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You can do it with SharpTools for Android + Tasker. The high level steps:

  1. Setup a SHM subscription in SharpTools
  2. Create a SHM Status Changed event profile in Tasker
  3. Update a widget using the %st_shm variable in the Tasker profile

Thanks will look at that

The following article shows some details on how you might do this to build a custom widget for a Thing.

The concepts are similar, so I figured it may be helpful. Also feel free to tag me here or on https://community.sharptools.io and I would be happy to help. :smile:

I’m sorry, but why is this not available right out of the box? It’s a no-brainer and the whole reason to use SHM!
I just don’t get it. Just like why are these modes not available on Alexa and Google?

And it’s two years after y’all asked this! Come on, Samsung, get coding already! SMH is half-baked right now.