Why security cameras matter

I’m waiting for D-Link to release a few more IFTTT cameras. What’s nice about D-Link’s IFTTT channel is that is has the triggers and actions you would expect.
Triggers: Motion Detected, Sound Detected
Actions: Record Video, Take Snapshot
I really don’t know why none of the other IFTTT cameras have this.

Anyway having these Triggers and Actions allows you to use it as a motion sensor and sound sensor in ST so one less thing you would need to buy, and you can use any ST trigger to tell the camera to take video or picture.

The D-Link cameras are integrated with ST via the D-Link Camera Manager Smart App. The D-Link cameras also have on board recording available to high capacity SD cards and you can also get their DNR-202L DVR for only $69 which can record up to 4 cameras at once onto two 4TB hard drives (this should last you a really long time). I’m sure you could also set them up to store video on the cloud too if you want.