Why isn’t anything connected to two of my wifi hubs?

I’m curious about these two hubs. One (appartment) is hardwired with cat 6 and connected to a switch that goes through another hardwired hub (shop). It is closer to several devices and yet they are all connected to the shop hub.

The other is in our living room. The networking hub is the main hub and the living room and basement hubs are meshed with that one. The living room hub has grey slash marks and nothing is connected to that one either even though it is closer to several devices. They skip over that one and connect to the networking hub which is on the other side of the house.

I do seem to have some issues with these two hubs inparticular disconnecting with flashing red light on occasion. Sometimes it fixes itself and light goes back to green. Other times I have to reboot to fix.

Ok, I just went to grab a screenshot of the hub page and now both of them are showing devices connected. Is it possible that the Plume app is just not correctly reporting the device status?

More likely that they changed based on current conditions. The whole point of a Wi-Fi mesh is that devices can find the current strongest signal and use that.

In a garage, for example, sometimes it’s something as simple as whether there’s a car in the building or not. Changes the network topography. :man_shrugging:t2: