Why is the simulator so broken?

OK folks,

Does anyone have any idea why the simulator is so broken?

I’ve spent most of my life developing code in one language or another and testing is a major part of the process. It becomes an even more important part of the process when the documentation for a language or environment are of relatively poor quality, which appears to be the case with the SmartThings environment and Groovy (which is so groovy IMO). Frankly this is one of the worst development environments that I’ve ever had to work with.

So does anyone have any suggestions on how to make life easier? I’m pretty committed to doing some serious development but I need to figure out how to develop with slightly higher reliability.


  1. Go through the stages of grief quickly and reach “acceptance”. The Simulator is and always had been suboptimal, and it won’t be fixed - especially now the the Groovy API is being deprecated.

  2. It really doesn’t take that much extra time to “publish for me” and do your test cycles on a phone or tablet running the real SmartThings App.

  3. Repeat #1: The Groovy API is being deprecated, so stop worrying about the cycles you will waste in the current IDE and start worrying about how different the new API will be.


Everything old is new, everything new is broken… ;o)

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Well folks I am officially gobsmacked.

But I don’t know why I am surprised. This things has such huge potential it only makes sense that incompetent management and inadequate attentions to technical details and support are joined lock step to kill it dead before it ever gets out of the gate.


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Kill what when??? :confused:

SmartThings has been “out of the gate” for 5 years and plenty of developers have managed to be successful.

The new development environment “will” be a tremendous improvement - but we all know SmartThings well enough that it can’t and shouldn’t be rushed.

SmartThings isn’t comparable to anyone else when it comes to 3rd party development. Not saying if that’s good or bad :speak_no_evil:

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