Why is the content of Custom Capabilities often not displayed?

I often encounter that the content of Custom Capabilities is not displayed-not only what I wrote, but also the Custom Capabilities in some public DTH files. However, this phenomenon is not fixed. The same device and the same DTH file may not be displayed today but will be displayed tomorrow. The strange thing is that the official Capabilities content in DTH can generally be displayed normally.
Can anyone tell me why this phenomenon occurs? Is there an effective way to eliminate this unstable phenomenon?Thanks!

It seems that there’s a sort of cache in the ST mobile app.
It doesn’t get updated right after you change the DTH or the presentation(=vid)

You need to wait about 1 day for this cache to be updated,
or you could delete the mobile app from your phone, and reinstall, to eliminate the effect of the cache.
(FYI, just clearing cache in the android app menu doesn’t work.)

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