Why is the Alternate Hubs thread hidden?

The thread below got “unlisted” earlier today, which hides it from display (it no longer shows up in the Other Hubs category).

@jody.albritton can you tell us why?

EDIT: (Editing since I can’t post a response). After I posted this, Jody re-listed the topic so it’s no longer hidden. It’s a bit disingenuous for him to flatly say “it’s not hidden”.

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How many threads are you going to create on this topic?

Meta is a good place for it, though.

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I have to disagree with you @jody.albritton that criticism of the ST/Samsung/migration is not being censored. On the contrary, there seems to be a concerted effort, and much time afforded to “unlisting” contrary threads, or deleting outright posts such as the following…

I would prefer more effort spent
on answering and fixing users frustrations with the amount of features being lost to the new app.

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@Alwas your post was flagged and removed because you decided to call out specific forum users. And that was previously explained to you.

@jlv it’s not hidden.