Why is my multi-sensor on the backdoor spamming me with active notifications?

Long story short, I bought the starter kit. I slapped one multi-sensor on the front door and the other on the back door. The one on the front door is working fine. The back door one has been wonky since I installed it a week ago. To be fair, the back door doesn’t shut the most securely and you can put your hand on it when it’s cold and shake it. My initial sensor placement (near the opening) resulted in numerous false alarms that the door was opened. I resolved this by moving the sensor closer to the hinge. Now I only get open/close alerts in the logs when the door actually opens/closes.

However, the sensor is spamming the logs with active/inactive alerts. I never see that from my front door sensor. All I see in the logs for it are open/closed. The backdoor is constantly spamming “Backdoor was active” and “Backdoor was inactive”. I’ve literally got 30 messages for it in the past 3 hours. What exactly is this recording and what is the best way to suppress this message?

“active” is vibration/acceleration. Could be a helicopter, wind, knocking, burglar.

Begin with disabling all helicopters. Wind is tricky.