Why is joining only done on mobile app?

I asked this once but never got any satisfactory answers. For a developer, it would be much more convenient to be able to click a button on a Dashboard or web interface to allow a new device to join a network. I’ve seen one of the ST engineers use an iOS emulator to join a network. But I’ve never understood why you can’t get an interface to allow joining, instead of requiring that you use the mobile app.


It’s designed by millennials for millennials. :smiley:



Sorry, that’s not a good answer. Maybe this should be a feature request, I don’t know where to post a feature request though.

ST seems like it was specifically designed for a tablet or smartphone and simplicity. You typically have to press a button or touch the device that you are joining. However, I appreciate people you like you who makes the platform so much better!

I wonder how many people or percentage of people who actually use the dashboard?

I wish I could change the device handlers from the smart app! :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing the other day. SmartThings would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a native web interface/dashboard for all aspects of SmartThings operation. I know there are some community solutions, but it’s high time there was a native SmartThings-supported option.

Proving that you have physical access to the device that is joining (typically by pressing a button on it) is a requirement of the third party protocols that SmartThings uses, zigbee and zwave. It’s considered a security feature, since it limits the ability of a hacker to remotely hack your network.

Imagine if someone could remotely change the ownership of the contact and motion sensors guarding the perimeter of a building, thus ensuring that no physical breech was reported. Not good. :scream:

There are other ways to handle this, but they all cost more money, so requiring a handshake involving physical access to the device was the method of choice for lowcost protocols.

You are not the only one wishing. I personally hate IDE on phone/tablet.

Let’s not get away from the original question, which is referring to the process required to enter ‘joining mode’ on the SmartThings side, not the device side.

@aceperry, best to make a request via support@smartthings.com