Why is it taking so long to add new compatible products?!

Dear All,

I have been using ST for over a year now and I’m general quite satisfied with it. However, I’m no tech geek. Thus, until now I have only purchased products listed as compatible so I’m certain they can connect (relatively) without problems.

Do any of you guys know why it takes soooo long to add new products? Corect me if I’m wrong, but did it grow with around 5 products in 2016? And is this the pace it will continue with in the future?

Furthermore, I find it strange that it doesn’t include Amazon alexa. Amazon advetises that it is compatible and it seems to work without problems. This makes me consider whether I’m missing out on other compatible products? It would be great if they were simply listed on the UK homepage.

I know this might be a bit of odd/meta topic to post, but maybe you guys could let me know a good site to find additional compatible products/show your support for an updated list on the HP



thanks so much, that list def contains some products I didn’t knew about.

However, it still doesn’t contain Amazon Echo (for instance). It would be great if the ST team could provide just one list! I’m sure this wouldn’t take them long?

i fully agree with you. Especially for the UK community, things are much much slower. Just look at how long it is taking for Ring to be integrated, vs how its already done in US.
Actually, having bought Smartthings, I cant figure out what I can do with it, besides turning some simple switches on.

http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/ is an unofficial (but awesome) wiki created by some of our (beautiful) customers. The best place to go for UK compatible devices is here: https://www.smartthings.com/uk/compatible-products.

Integrations like Amazon Echo are not included because they do not show up on the Things page in the mobile app. Keep an eye on this page for updates :smirk:

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This page still shows hue as not being supported even though it is plastered all over the smartthings website.

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