Why is every smart-lock handle a Lever? Are there any knobs?

(Idlemind) #1

I really want to replace my doors with connected locks. Ive noticed that they are either freestanding dead-bolts or main locks with a handle. I have ripped many a jacket on lever handles and prefer a knob. Are there any connected locks with a knob?

(Sean Murray) #2

I’ve wondered this for years.

(Chuckles) #3

Probably because its still a very small market and therefore you seek to minimise the model variants whilst maximising your customer base.

There are many people who cannot use a knob but can use a lever (poor or non-existent ability to grip). If they released a knob product but not a lever they would cop flack for not considering the elderly or disabled.

(Elijah) #4

I use a Schalge Century with a un-keyed knob

(Idlemind) #5

Can you post a link? I did a search and came up with only non-connected locks. Thanks!

(Elijah) #6

Using this lock

with a knob like this