Why have the weekly updates stopped?

Any reason for the dry up in updates @alex

Any news on updates, fixes and future releases?


Poor leadership.


Schedule exceeded 20 secs…


That explains it.

Check out the the announcements section. We have released a few updates over the last two weeks around fixes and improvements.


Thanks, I just did, but it looks like the last weekly update was on July 23.

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If @alex has tired of the responsibility to follow through on his “weekly updates” on a regular basis (he’s probably a busy guy!), perhaps he can assign the task to one of his minions or give us a “final update,” now that the bulk of the crisis has passed. People could mis-interpret his lack of attention to his promise…


Yeah…this is the part that’s confusing about SmartThings: At my work, if I commit myself to follow up in a week and I don’t notify my customer that I cannot keep my commitment, I am getting fired. I guess it’s because I am not a CEO?! Is that it?


Yes… Simply: yes.


there has been a usual hub update (Expected on any release) and a single update on Grails

We used to get information on causes of outages or failures and also what you are working on. this is useful for understanding that the smartthings product is moving forward and in what direction.

But just stopping a weekly update with no fair well or we can’t keep it up is a little poor. as said I would likely be fired for not informing my customers.

No, I disagree, I think it is far more important as CEO that you do not break promises or commitments as it has serious reputational and leadership damage. I have worked for several firms from small to multinational, there is no way the CEO of any of these companies would ever publicly commit to something and then not follow up. I have no idea why ST would be like this.

Maybe Alex couldn’t face up to the repeated issues leading up to summer and needed a break from it all. However, it would not have taken more than 2 minutes to inform the customer that there would be a delay or a cancellation of further updates.


are you guys REALLY disappointed by this? didn’t we predict this would happen?

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Maybe they vested…

If we are to go by our predictions, we would all be talking on Vera’s forum by now :slight_smile:

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CEOs shouldn’t be posting weekly updates on forums. Once the outage has largely been resolved (which it has, albeit with outlying issues), that should have been the end of it and should have no promised anything else but that.

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I totally agree…But tell @alex that. Honestly, I thought that after Mr. Hawkinson gave us the “state of of the state”, he will pass on the responsibility of keeping the transparency going through the community advocates. But he insisted he will keep us updated, which I thought it was both honorable and unrealistic.

As for the missing “weeklies” @slagle have said that @alex will resume his weekly updates when he returns from vacation. Looks like he is still enjoying his time away :slight_smile:

@alex, by the way, nice shot!


The weekly updates came about back following the March melt downs. The point was to buoy waning confidence.

Since then there has been another, separate melt down.

So while the outages are not flaring at the moment, nor were they when he made the commitment, the platform is not any more stable than it was at the time of genesis. It can happen again at any time as root cause has not been addressed.

This was his commitment. This community did not force him to do that. A C Suite executive should follow through on their commitments. Alex has not. This is not the first time either, this 4 weeks deep now without a word from him, but Alex hasn’t given weekly updates as he committed to with the exception of a few weeks of good runs at the outset. The OOO reason is fine, but it keeps getting trotted out when were 4 weeks in, when Alex’s organization, if he could not do it himself, should have put that out right away when the weekly update was due, not 3 weeks after… as an ‘oh by the way’… as posted above, Alex’s last message even states he see us again the next week. Nothing.

At best, this is a very poor demonstration of leadership to the folks that work hard at ST everyday, and are left out dry when the things go awry.

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Yep, Alex is away. I was out on an emergency last week, so, that’s why it was quiet.

Updates to resume soon. (When Alex is back and I am at full capacity)


I never meant this to be an attack. More to find out why it’s been quiet.

But looks like There is a good reason just not communicated fully.

Glad they are not dead.


does David Bailey read the community forums ?