Why don't you sell things in Australia?

Why are the siren and the presence sensor not available in Australia?

You’re pushing the smart home monitoring, but cant back it up with the products?

@tech2urdoor, do you have ideas what or where could the OP purchase some of these products in Australia?

I wasn’t even aware that there were Smartthings branded sirens, I know they made presence sensors some time ago but I didn’t even think they were still available. I have purchased smart home gear that works with the hub from this site https://www.smarthome.com.au
Perhaps try their sirens and as for the presence sensor…yeah not sure…

I think the SmartThings brand siren was only sold in the UK.

Thanks guys,

It’s just really annoying sometimes the lack of range these companies will ship to AU and how much they charge for them. eg the hub is $120AUD

Can anyone recommend a powerpoint type siren that’s under $50 that I can plug into the wall and pair?

I presence sensor would be great to arm the home monitoring system. But if not, how reliable is the geofencing?

And how could I add the arm/ disarm to to the iOS widget?

Thanks everyone

You should be able to use just about any siren that uses the Australian zwave frequency (921.42). SmartHome Australia carries both the dome and vision models, Both quite popular, although they are both battery operated:


(That’s assuming, of course, that you have the official Australian model of the smartthings hub, which is on that same frequency. )

Aeotec also makes a version of their siren on the Australian zwave frequency, but I don’t know who sells it.

Its the AU hub, but that’s just too expensive for me. I cant justify $69 just for a siren.

Thanks anyway though.