Why does the IDE only show Rule machine

I’ve installed another smartapp, “smart lighting” now on the iOS app. However if I goto my computer and look at the IDE (UK), and look at the the smart app header it only lists Rule machine and Rule. It doesn’t show Smart Lighting, ant reason why?


The IDE smartapp section only shows smartapps you add in the IDE smartapp section. Since Smart lighting is published and not installed this way, it does not show up. What is your intended purpose to see it?

No reason to be honest, just I thought that the IDE would show all smartapps you had installed. I thought it would mirror what the iOS ST app had.

Btw, what’s happening with rule machine at the moment, has it been failed by SmartThings or something? It’s probably the most useful smartapp there is…?


Once you have created smart lighting automations, they will show up under your location in the IDE.

One) sign into the IDE

Two) choose “locations”

Three) look down at the bottom of that page and you will see a link to “list smartapps” so choose that

Four) now you will see all your routines and installed solutions, like smart lighting. Look all the way down at the bottom under “other” and you will see each smart lighting automation that you have created.

As for rule machine, the author found it was too difficult to provide support for it while the general SmartThings platform was unstable because there were so many errors being caused by database corruption or mobile app errors that he couldn’t do anything about. So he withdrew it.