Why does SmartThings Presence Sensor only send one low battery notification?

(Ron) #1

I just happened to catch this in my live logging today. Never would have know this was the case if I didn’t.

It seems the Sensor sends one notification that your battery is low and never sends another.

When I saw this I remembered that about two weeks ago I had an alert notification in my Android Smart Things app about this sensor having a low battery. I had cleared it thinking I would deal with it the next time it occurred. Then I forgot and now I see another alert will never be sent.

It seems to me the low battery level alert should repeat. Perhaps once a day ?

(Eric) #3

The battery level is recorded in the app so you can look it up. Maybe a battery report will work.

This reminded me that I'd like a car device to transmit battery voltage infrequently. The Zfortress MIMO has power rating 300ma which seems pretty high for this purpose. Could automatically turn it off most of the time but it has to wake up often enough to avoid a battery problem.