Why Does "Goodbye" Routine have a Someone Arrives event trigger?

Under Routines, “Goodbye” has an option under additional settings named “Automatically Perform Goodbye”. The two presence sensor options are “Everyone Leaves” and “Someone Arrives”. What I’m looking for is “Someone Leaves” so that I can automatically close my garage door when someone leaves. Why would there even be an option for “Someone Arrives” in a Goodbye routine?

Because a routines aren’t hard coded to the purpose of their name. Routines are basically a smartapp that was built to do multiple different things off a trigger.

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And choice is good. :wink:

“Goodbye” could be for when parent leaves in the morning and babysitter arrives, but triggered by arrival of babysitter.

So no reason not to have the option.

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I don’t disagree that having the flexibility is good. It just seems like having a “When someone leaves” option for the “Goodbye Routine” as opposed to “When someone arrives” makes more sense. It seems like an obvious oversight.

It’s there too, it’s called “everyone leaves” if you only but one person in it will only trigger for that one person.

Maybe it will make more sense if you created a routine and just called it “Stuff” your "Stuff routine will have all the same options as “Goodbye”, “Morning”, “Night”, “Welcome” or what ever else you want to call it

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Right- I get that. But suppose you have 4 people who come and go, and you want the “Goodbye” routine to fire an event (e.g. turn off light, close garage door, lock front door, etc.) when any one of those individuals leave the home. How would I handle that with the current options?

Simple, create a goodby routine for each person: i.e. goodbye - dog, goodbye - john, goodbye - sara, goodbye - michelle and assign what you what to happen when each person leaves… This is exactly how i have my home home setup with 1 exception, i have an addition routine for when everyone has left. My “goodbye - everyone” routine changes the mode to away, arms SmartHome Monitor, turns everything off and locks the door.

Routines are your friend… don’t be scared to use them and don’t limit yourself to the default ones.


so you can turn the lights off and lock the door when your mother in law arrives and you need to pretend youre not home…

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Thanks sidjohn1. That’ll work. I appreciate the help. Was not aware you could have multiple Goodbye routines like that.

Still hope they add the “someone leaves” as I think it wouldn’t take much effort (just the reverse of someone arrives) and would save me the time of having to create multiple “I’m Back”, “Goodbye”, etc. for each family member.

Again- thanks much for your help and solution.