Why does a mobile device have child devices?

Why does mine and my wife mobile devices have child devices assigned to them in SmartThings?

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Are you phones associated with multiple locations?

No, I have two locations. One is a virtual location for extra Arlo cameras and neither are set to use the get location from phone for the second location.

I asked because my phone has 2 deviceIDs. One for each of my locations. My android App updated today, but my hub firmware has NOT been updated.

I am not seeing childs like you are.

Samsung phones support ‘Linked Places’ and they are implemented as components of the mobile presence device which get listed as child devices in the IDE.

So it is like having up to four presence devices in one.

The mobile presence device doesn’t seem to know when you add or remove linked places so can be it can be out of step with reality, just as it often is when you change your geofence.

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