Why do we need InstalledappId?

Hi, I have a question about InstalledappId.
As I know, InstalledappId is generated by smartthings cloud when user begins COFIGURATION life cycle to install smartApp and it is delivered to smartApp in INITIALIZE phase first.
I know that subscription and schedule API needs InstalledAppId as a parameter.
We create smartApp to implement automation and subscription and schedule APIs are necessary for that and those APIs need InstalledappId.
We can get appId when we create an app via /apps API with POST method.
So my question is why do we need InstalledappId besides appId.
Why it isn’t enough only with appId, why do we have to get InstalledappId to register any subscription or schedule?


If I understand your question correctly; I believe “installAppId” is unique for each installed instance.

Since single SmartThings Account may have multiple LOCATIONS. Each Location could have it’s own unique instance of the SmartApp. SmartApps cannot access Things across different Locations and/or Accounts.

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I understand why we need InstalledAppId.
Thanks for the answer.
Have a nice day.

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