Why did Samsung abandon us?

I wonder with the changes most likely coming to home automation from the Project Connected Home over IP imitative is going to change the protocols and hardware we have now. I believe Samsung is part of the group. Maybe they know something we don’t and they are making longer term plans. If they can get this all working securely with wi-fi and interoperable between manufactures, much like what we have now in everyone’s house with laptops and cellphones , the market will explode and a lot homes can more easily automate with out all we do to make ours work as well as they do.

Most of us here understand having a strong mesh ZigBee network and Z-Wave repeaters for lost signals and reaching further for battery devices . Regular people now understand the concepts to getting better Wi-Fi around there houses and more mesh networks are solving this for them. Now with a new IP protocol in home automation and an already useful mesh Wi-Fi anyone can buy just 1 smart lock and a couple of leak sensors and get them working with a lot less effort than it is now. IMHO.

I am a tech and really like this hobby. I would not recommend this to mere mortals in its current state and I am not just talking ST.


Discontinuing the separate hub makes sense, or it did when they were pushing the SmartThings WiFi and Galaxy Home (SM-V510) which had Zigbee and Zwave built in.

Now that the speaker is presumably dead and SmartThings WiFi is currently available but unlikely to be updated the question becomes where will they put the hub? Maybe TVs will start coming with Zigbee and Zwave?

I still have my SmartThings WiFi and they work fine, but would like to see a version with WiFi 6.

I don’t see a need for ST to offer a Zigbee or Z-wave hub at all. It seems mutually beneficial to ST and Aeotec. It could perhaps do with some better marketing and ST has to really get the platform right.

The more interesting aspect is Wi-Fi, and maybe eventually Bluetooth, from the hub connectivity perspective. That seems the sort of thing to potentially be integrated elsewhere. Possibly TV but also routers, access points, Sky boxes, Google Home etc. Things that people have anyway and keep switched on.

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Samsung just came out with their Smart Tag that uses BLE, but its connected to the phone (galaxy only) and not hub. I understand just adding a connectivity protocol like Bluetooth still requires the device coding to api standards, but its certainly possible. Zwave and zigbee are specific to home automation - so less confusion, if Hub enables Bluetooth, it may cause general consumer confusion what should work. But given bluetooth is such a commonly accepted protocol, like you said, it would be great if we could pair Smart Tag with the Hub and use as a presence sensor (It doesn’t even have to be accurate, just In or Out of area)

In my fantasy world where Samsung abandons Bixby in return for close integration with Google Assistant, SmartThings hubs would be cast clients and Google Homes would be detecting Smart Tags over BLE and activating presence sensors.


I received this email today about discontinuing support for the ADT Smartthings hub and devices. I’ll never buy another Samsung product in my life, and I’ve bought nothing but their phones and TVs for over ten years. Not only are they not supporting the hub or offering alarm service, but it and all of the ADT Smartthings devices will stop working entirely. Pretty sure I can flash the hub to continue using it but I’ll probably switch to hubitat since I’ll have to add everything back. This is absolute BS. F*** Samsung and ADT. There’s no nicer way to say it. The time and money I’ve spent on this.

Email links to an FAQ talking about possible full or partial refunds. Obviously I’ll take a refund for these paperweights, but are they going to refund the hours I’ve spent on my system and the hours more I’ll have to spend setting it back up.


Your ADT SmartThings Home Security System will be retiring in 90 days

We wanted to let you know that we will be discontinuing support of your ADT SmartThings Home Security and Safety system effective June 1, 2021 .

Some questions you might have, and answers you might want
What will happen after that date?
Your ADT SmartThings Home Security and Safety devices (including the Security Hub, Detectors and Alarms) along with the optional 24/7 professional monitoring from ADT will no longer work. You will also no longer be able to use the SmartThings app to control any Zigbee, Z-Wave, or LAN devices that are connected to your hub.
What options do I have to continue having monitored security?
Your continued safety is our first priority. Learn more about how about how ADT and Samsung can help you continue monitoring your home security and stay protected.
What should I do with my old equipment?
You may be eligible for a full or partial refund. Please visit our FAQ page for instructions.
We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you and remain deeply committed to providing you you with the highest level of support during this transition. You can find more info on our FAQ page.
Thank you,
The ADT SmartThings Team

I am beyond livid, I feel like I was robbed, this is so bad, and I had so much invested as a very early adopter.

Yeah, the refund is bogus. You can’t enter more than $300 on the form which doesn’t even cover the cost of the starter kit without any additional sensors. :angry:


I’m there with you, @Camphern. I did not know about them retiring the platform but I got the same email. It’s very disappointing they are fully retiring the system rather than offering a fee to support legacy products.

I also have the ADT SmarThings hub and this is now the second time I’ve been burned by them retiring products. First time was with their first iteration of the SmarThings cams that was dropped 2 months after I purchased them. Now I have I have a full system of home automation that I chose specifically to work with the ADT hub. I guess it was all a waste of my time and money.

It’s safe to say I will not take their “special” offer for another SmarThings hub. I’m done with Samsung entirely after this mess…more accurately Samsung will be retired from my list of companies I support. :slight_smile: It’s just too bad that I have to look at the Samsung phones, TVs, washer and dryer, etc that I own for the forseeable future…


Am I understanding this right? Even the sensors are not compartible with the new Aeotec? So we are totally abandonned.

Buy Samsung and I mean forever. This sound really really bad. Not even a portage of the app

The dual logo sensors, The ones that came in a box with both ADT and smartthings logos, only work with the dual logo hub, so they will not work with any other smartthings hub model.

Any Z wave or zigbee sensors that you bought, including the single logo smartthings brand, will work with other smartthings hubs.

Thank you…

What device/system can I look for as a replacement? I have an old ipad I can use as a wall hub. I have Arlo camera with the alarm included. I just need a similar system for Arm stay Arm away. with the sensor.

My first idea is to look on the HomeKit Side or Google Nest

BTW I have two non dual sensors and they are really really bad

First off I am so sorry for all of you with the ADT devices. Samsung is not free of some blame for this but ADT gave up on it all 18 months after starting the partnership, over 3 years ago I think. Samsung has to move on with ADT abandoning their part. I am not even sure Samsung can do anything without some agreement with ADT. I bet what they are offering is getting nothing from ADT.

I was a 30 year ADT customer and finally got tired of being nickeled and dimed and left 2 years ago. I am so glad I did. A friend of mine’s husband had worked for ADT for 20 years and even with the google partnership ADT is a sinking ship. He left 9 months ago.

Again my words don’t help a damn, but this is just not Samsung’s fault.

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Certainly not Samsung fault but still it was sold as a Samsung producto with the ADT upgrades. Anyway I found a good alternative

If you want a security system with optional monitoring, Lyric Honeywell is good if you use HomeKit, Ring is good if you are OK with buying all new equipment but you want to get the least expensive, and Abode is worth considering if you want to also do home automation and use at least some of your existing zwave and Zigbee devices. Each has pluses and minuses, so you do still need to do your research, but there are some options out there. :sunglasses:

ADT also offers ADT Blue, The company they bought a little over a year ago to be their DIY offering. If you currently pay for an ADT contract and you call the phone number in their FAQs on the end of the smart things offering, you might be able to get an additional discount if you’re switching over to Blue.

So as always, choice is good, and different things work for different people.

It’s not just ADT, though, since the announcement said Samsung would be dropping support for multiple hubs at the same time, including the Nvidia link and the V1 smartthings hub. :disappointed_relieved:

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What the actual F is going on with these companies doing home automation? First Iris, now ADT Smartthings. I’m done and moving off of cloud based home automation. Since it supports all my hadrware other than the soon to be brick of a hub and window sensors (I only have 1 ADT ST motion sensor that I don’t care about), I am going to Hubitat.

This certainly won’t help me chose in favor of Samsung when my phone needs to be replaced, or when it is time for a new TV,or other electronics…

Seriously, do they think folks want to drop a couple of grand into a new system every 2 or 3 years? I want to set it up and forget it for at least 10 years if not more.


There have been quite a few home automation systems that have come and gone. Some because they never got enough traction, some because they ended up being too expensive for the companies who owned them, some because the companies went in a different direction.

Revolv from Nest, Staples Connect, Leviton Omni, Spectrum Security, Oomi, even Samsung’s own Artik service. These discontinuations all pre-date Iris.

It’s always annoying and often expensive for the end-user, but it does happen. :disappointed_relieved:

Your solution is the best: if you want to treat home automation as a sunk cost, don’t buy anything that is cloud or service-based. Then it should run as long as the hardware lasts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I myself have gone the other way: I now treat home automation as a service and expect to have to replace everything (including the hub) after three years. That’s what I budget for, that’s what I prepare psychologically for, that’s what I prepare logistically for. I treat it essentially the same as mobile phone service. I assume after three years, either the company will want to move in a different direction or there will be newer features from other companies that I will want instead.

I have a strict budget for this approach, about the same as my cell phone, so I don’t go broke. It’s worth it to me to get the features that I want. And if a system/device does last longer than three years, that’s gravy: it just means more money in the budget for me to buy new shiny stuff with an expected lifespan of 3 years.

But different things work for different people. It’s definitely a buyer beware world out there right now in Home Automation, and you have to choose the path where you feel the best protected, even if it’s a different method than somebody else’s.


In all fairness, the offer that SmarThings sent to preorder an Aeotec hub is good–$35 shipped. After looking through all my devices it seems that will be the best path forward to keep my home automation (mainly lighting) operational, since I’m using both Z-Wave and Zigbee.

It’s funny…I’m right back where I started 3 years ago when I moved to SmarThings from a simple Insteon home automation system. I’ll just try to forget that I spent near $1k on cameras and sensors and many hours installing and troubleshooting.

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This is Samsungs fault. My hub has been perfectly functional without ADT for the last year. Samsung is purposely making my hub unusable. At least I could still do automation’s based on the sensors. If im reading this right none of my water leak sensors, door sensors or even smoke / carbon dioxide sensors will do anything after June 1 even if i get a new hub. If you want me to pay for a new hub fine but to make all this stuff paper weights its nuts. At least give us the API so we can support this with open source projects or something. I mean come on.