Why can't I use the Iris garage door controller or myq?

Just wondering why I’ve been told I can’t use the Iris garage door opener for my garage door? I do pretty well with hooking most things up. I’m not at a level of being able to code or do special wiring but still am pretty knowledgeable but the garage door is just screwing me up.

I’ve been told if I use anything I need to use the go control.

I’ve also been told that it appears based on pictures I’ve posted here it won’t work either. I’ve checked my controllers and there is a wire going to each of them.

I don’t want anything fancy. Just want the door to open when we arrive and close when we leave. Could really use someone waking me through slowly to figure out what I can use if anything.

You can’t use the MyQ because the manufacturer, Chamberlain, decided that they had too much liability if third-party systems could operate their garage door system and they no longer allow it. So you need to talk to them about it. (Note that even the systems that say they do work with MyQ, like wink, can only tell you if the garage door is open, they aren’t able to open/close it from their system. For that you have to use the official chamberlain app.)

As far as the Lowe’s Iris garage door controller, that’s exactly the same device as the GoControl, just in a different box. It will work fine with SmartThings, as long as it’s compatible with your garage door. :sunglasses:

By whom have you been told those things? And, have you asked them why they’ve told you those things?

No clue. It was some months ago in a another thread on here.

Like @JDRoberts said, you shouod be able to use the GoControl (Iris and Linear) garage door controller as long as you use the custom dth. Depending on what garage opener you currently have, this may also require you to replace the physical button you have. I’ve heard the fancier ones don’t allow it to work properly.
And as always, if you can provide pictures of your current hardware, (garage door opener, buttons used to operate garage door opener) it would help others help you.

No custom handler is required for the GoControl/Iris/Linear controller.

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gocontrol support should be able to help you figure out whether your particular garage door motor can work with their controller:



(Again, the iris is the same device, just in a different box, so it will have exactly the same compatibility.)

I just want someone to tell me yes or no. The support page appears to indicate it will work but then last time I posted asking this several said it wouldn’t. That the I didn’t have enough ports on my hardware?

I’m using a similar model to use (same year also). Mine is belt drive, yours looks like a chain. The Linear (so the others will work also) works fine.

“The Linear (so the others will work also) works fine”

Not sure what you mean? What’s the linear?

See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link)


Looking at the picture I posted. What ports on the hardware do I connect the two wires?

The two your wall button run to

Yeah I got it figured out. All is working! So excited. Thanks everyone for your patience.

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