Why cant I connect NEXA NBA-001 to my smarthub?

I Bought a NEXA NBA-001 Thermometer/Hygrometer. Operating on 433.2 MHz. My SmartHub (latest version 2020) can not discover it. Is it a no-match i.e. wasted money or can anyone please give a clue how to get it visible and actoive in my SmartHub ?


wasted money unfortunately. The SmartThings hub does not have a 433.2 MHz radio. It works with zigbee, z-wave and LAN devices.

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Unfortunately, it will not be possible To discover it directly. :disappointed_relieved:The smartthings hub does not have a radio on that frequency. Smartthings can connect directly to zigbee 3.0 devices or Z wave devices. Other devices can be connected “cloud to cloud“ if the integration shows in the smartthings app. None of which unfortunately apply to your device.

If your device does not have a way of communicating on its own with either Ifttt or MQTT, then the only remaining option for a device on that frequency is something like using broadlink RM as an intermediary. But that set up can get quite technically complex and require additional devices as well. To be honest, it’s going to be easier just to return it and get a SmartThings-compatible device.

Thank you. Now its learning money :moneybag: :+1:

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