Why can’t I save my Smart Programmes on TaHoma?

Hi everybody. First post so hope I am doing it right.

I have a Somfy TaHoma which generally works fine. I haven’t had the need for smart programmes since it is mainly used for daily blind operation at dusk/dawn.

So now I do want to add a device that is programmed more specifically, I am using the smart programme editor. Seems simple enough except that on creating my first programme, there is no ‘save as’ option and the ‘save’ button is greyed out even after I have added a device operation and a valid condition.

Can anybody let me know what I am missing?


I have the same problem. Only both ‘save as’ and ‘save’ are there, but both are greyed. I can only use time conditions, because I don’t have any sensors. Looks like a bug to me.

I have same problem, have anybody solved it?

Same here as well. Anyone with a fix? How can they release such a buggy software…

No progress as far as I am aware.