Why can’t I save my Smart Programmes on TaHoma?

Hi everybody. First post so hope I am doing it right.

I have a Somfy TaHoma which generally works fine. I haven’t had the need for smart programmes since it is mainly used for daily blind operation at dusk/dawn.

So now I do want to add a device that is programmed more specifically, I am using the smart programme editor. Seems simple enough except that on creating my first programme, there is no ‘save as’ option and the ‘save’ button is greyed out even after I have added a device operation and a valid condition.

Can anybody let me know what I am missing?


I have the same problem. Only both ‘save as’ and ‘save’ are there, but both are greyed. I can only use time conditions, because I don’t have any sensors. Looks like a bug to me.

I have same problem, have anybody solved it?

Same here as well. Anyone with a fix? How can they release such a buggy software…

No progress as far as I am aware.

Hello everyone, I experienced the same problems. However, I came across a work-around.

I saw an error in the developer console from bootstrap, so I presume the styling doesn’t update correctly.
If you inspect the save button element and then manually remove the disabled tag from the button, you are able to save your program.


It sounds like it shouldn’t work but is does. It apparently works in their back-end, but front-end styling is scuffed.