Why buy an expensive security system?

So I am curious why someone would buy one of the expensive security systems when they could just buy door monitors and a siren??? Seems as though you could save a lot of money by building your own

The ADT Smartthings DIY system is only 99 right now which includes 2 door sensors and a motion sensor. Seems pretty cheap.

Can’t you scoop the same stuff up for like $60?

Security is one of those very personal things where different people have different requirements to achieve peace of mind.

The first question is just what do you want it for. For example, I myself use a wheelchair and would need assistance to evacuate in the case of fire, and therefore I don’t even look at systems which don’t have professional monitoring that can contact the fire department. Many other people might not be concerned about that.

People who live in high crime areas or who have a friend or family member who has experienced a home invasion Or who have some other reason to think that they might be personally targeted, like an abusive ex spouse, may feel a high priority need for a panic button that can summon police.

People who live in a high Burglary area Where the main pattern is break-ins when the homeowners are away and the criminal population is pretty experienced may want cameras and glass break detectors.

People who live in a low crime area but have middle school or high school kids may want cameras to catch minor vandalism. Same for people who live in an area where the main crime problem is “porch Pirates,“ petty crooks who steal packages that have been left by delivery people

People who have a family member who is medically fragile may want fall detection or again a panic button system that contacts a professional monitoring center.

So the point is just that different things work for different households. If a couple of sensors and a local siren is all you need to feel comfortable, then that’s all you need to invest in. There’s no one right answer, it’s all about finding the best match to your own needs and preferences. :sunglasses:


A. Security systems are built with reliability in mind.
B. Offer option for others to watch over your home when you are in vacation.
C. Have easy to setup, worry free cellular backup.
D. May run on a different frequency to limit interference from other household gadgets.