Why are Room Names being cut off?

Why are Room Names being cut off?
I have about 8 “Rooms” in the iPhone app. Each of the rooms has several switches in that room. The problem is, sometime in the last few weeks the room names are being cut off. For example I might have a room named. “First Floor Cameras”, the app will display , “First Flo…>”. Stranger still, different rooms are cut off at a different number of characters. With some rooms I only get 4 or 5 characters in other rooms I will get 10 or 12 characters. I edited the names and re-entered them, it does not help.

There’s plenty of room to show everything I’ve typed. Does anyone know why these are being cut off at random lengths?

I know! I know! :slight_smile:

on your iPhone go to settings > display & brightness and disable bold

Thanks jkp,

Your solution did work. Thank you. I find the bold setting to be very helpful with everything else on my iPhone. Disabling bold should be unnecessary, there is PLENTY of room for the full name (in bold) in the app. The bold setting worked perfectly in the severely missed Classic app.