Why are installed Smart Apps and DTHs Related to the Hub instead of the Account


I had an issue with my hub and it was replaced under warranty. I did the scorched–Earth approach and removed all of my smart apps and devices and then removed the hub.

I had no idea that would remove my custom DTH and Smart Apps. Why would it? Those should be tied to my ACCOUNT, not my HUB.

Now I have to recreate things that have been lost. The Graph API acts like an IDE. But, why would an IDE delete your code?

I mean, I get that deleting the hub removes the installed smart apps that I have that hub using. But, it shouldn’t remove them from being able to be installed again in the future. I mean, it doesn’t delete the stock DTHs and Apps, why does it delete the ones I wrote?

This needs to be fixed.


It doesn’t. (or you have found a bug).

Custom code (but not “installed instances”) are per Account, not per Hub.

However… The IDE code libraries are not synchronized / replicated between the 3 shards.

Login to each one manually and you ought to find your code…



That helped me find them. That will save me a lot of rework time.

Thanks again.

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