Whole House Fan by Brian Steere stopped working in New App

The SmartApp, “Whole House Fan” by Brian Steere has stopped working in the New App. I noticed it is no longer available as a standard app in the Add SmartApp of the New App.

Should it still work? Has it been replaced by something?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

All groovy smartapps will stop working soon anyhow. Welcome to the groovy apocalypse.

I had the same problem… and later on when I had some funky behavior (devices dropping offline), I remembered some advice one of the power users here suggested: There may be corruption or a sync problem with the device tables in my hub < – > cloud.

The fix was really simple: Unplug your hub from power (remove batteries if they exist) for at least an hour. In my case I just did it overnight. The cloud version is cached but only for a (few?) hours. When you plug the hub back in, they are forced to resync.

Worked like a champ last night - and I remember seeing your post so wanted to mention that as a possibility. I use Whole House Fan also - that is our “central air” system! :slight_smile:

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