Who changed the SHM system status?

Hi there,

Is there a possibility to identify who changed the SHM system status manually? There is a group of people who use the same security system and I would like to know who set the status Armed/Disarmed manually. As I see event list does not show Device Network Id (user_uuid) or related info.

Thanks in advance!

The easiest way I can think of for a group of people using the V2 classic app is don’t give them the SmartThings app, give them a custom dashboard, action tiles or something similar, then have them turn on a personalized virtual switch to change security.mode. Then it would be easy to track each virtual switch usage separately.

But you can’t do that with the new V3 app. :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully someone else will know if there’s a way to do It programmatically.


Yup… ActionTiles has received user specific activity tracking this as a Feature Request, but it is not on high demand.

Such functionality obviously has value for security purposes, so we’ll certainly implement someday.