Which Thermostat has the best SmartThings Integration?

Looking at adding a thermostat to my setup. Which has the best SmartThings Integration?

There are three that are officially certified to “work with SmartThings,” so from that standpoint they have the best integrations. 2Gig CT100, one Honeywell model, and one RCS.

However, a lot of people prefer the Ecobee because of its zone sensors. @yvesracine has done a ton of work developing a device handler for it, but it can still be a fragile interface if either ST or Ecobee change something in their cloud. Doesn’t affect the basic working of the thermostat, fortunately, but it’s something to be aware of.

Ecobee 3. I'm new :)


Thanks for the info. I was really hoping to see Ecobee 3 on the list as it’s a very attractive product.

Yeah, I hear good things about it.

There’s a beta version of an official Ecobee device handler in SmartThings Labs status, but a lot of people seem to prefer Yves’ version. See one of his topics for details.

Pretty sure ST is also now supporting the ZEN thermostat.
I had two ecobees in my house, they were too much for my needs when looking to control via ST.
In the end many of the great features they have made it difficult to control exclusively via ST, they were too capable.
I’ve since switched to a PEQ (centralite) in the garage and a ZEN in the house, these are completely controlled via ST and automatic mode changes. I do not have a need or desire for the thermostats to have or manage their own schedules, and ecobees web analytics and data collection pages while very good weren’t a requirement on my end.

On my side, I think that having a “smart” thermostat with some scheduling capabilities when connected to ST is a big plus…

Especially now with all the scheduling issues within ST…

To rely exclusively on ST is a bit of a challenge when we talk about essential services such as heating/cooling your home…

As far as overlaps between ST and ecobee are concerned, I’ve posted detailed information on how to avoid it here:

But, of course, this really depends on your use cases and budget. I’ve already posted in another thread the pros/cons of smart “thermostats” vs. z-wave (or zigbee) thermostats here:

If you have any questions about the ecobee integration to ST thru my custom Ecobee Device, let me know.

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