Which temperature would you go for?

These are some of the popular ones which we use…
Nest/Ecobee3/Rachio/Fibaro/weather channel

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What’s your question exactly? They all seem fair pleasant. (Temperature)
To use for outdoor temperature in a SmartApp?

The temp to trust for watering my lawn, run my AC etc… How do I make sure which is the closet to actual temp. Does Netamo help? Ignoring ST for the time being. I am not a fanatic but curious. Fanatic only when presence and lights are concerned. :wink:

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I would go with the front porch sensor. That is most likely the best for the fact that it is local to you.

Hopefully they get the Netatmo working. I would go with something local that has both temp and humidity for control of the AC, Watering, ETC.

Humidity can drastically change how the temperature “feels” and it could be hot and raining at the same time, at least here in Texas.


Why not take an average? =)


Just wondering which one is accurate! :wink:

I’d expect they’re all pretty accurate, they’re measuring different locations.

One’s indoors, one’s at a zip code weather station, one’s in a car, right? I can get a temp variation of 10 degrees just testing in a sunny window vs behind a couch in the same room. Many inexpensive temp sensors are +/- 2 degrees anyway.

Humans do feel a 2 degree distinction in terms of indoor thermostat use, so then use an indoor sensor in the zone you’ll be heating/cooling.

For outdoors, usually +- 4 is typically fine for anything 35 degrees F and above. (Freezing does matter.)

If an indoor sensor, a car sensor, a zip code-based outdoor weather sensor, and a front porch sensor all agreed exactly, then I’d start to worry! :smirk:

Nest app outdoor temp, Rachio outdoor temp, ecobee3 outdoor temp, Fibaro outdoor mounted in front patio and weather channel… So, basically except for the Fibaro, rest are all pulling temp from some weather source and different.

“Outdoors” is not a “weather source.” :sunglasses:

A single thermometer is a “weather source.”

Nest uses zip code, the Weather Channel use zip code, but a zip code is a big area. There’s no guarantee they’re using the exact same physical temperature sensor for their reports.

Pick the temperature from the source that is literally physically closest to the location you care about. If you don’t know where the thermometers are located, pick any one that seems most reasonable to you. But don’t expect them to have exactly the same temperature, some variance is to be expected.

Sorry for my Hinglish! By outdoors I meant devices showing outdoor temp but they are not actually outdoor. :slight_smile: Rachio lets you choose the nearest PWS but does not guarantee the accuracy which is reasonable.

Right, but Nest doesn’t do its own measurement of outdoor temperature at your house. it pulls temperature information based on your zip code. So it’s not about where your particular device is.

It’s not a surprise when different apps have slightly different temperatures for the same zip code. Again, a zip code is a big place, and they may be pulling from different thermometers.

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I just switched the weather station tile to use a PWS down the street from me, and the temp dropped 6 degrees. We’re on the coast side of the hills, while the zip code would cover a larger area (most not on the coast) and would likely be divergent from my local weather.

Take a look at the WU pws map near you, maybe someone nearby has a station? WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

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Rachio even lets you set up your own PWS using Netamo but don’t have the funds or energy to set
It up. They have step by step instructions…you can’t be sure that the nearest PWS you are hooking into is accurate. Water bill in NY/NJ area is obscene.

At least you have water, unlike California. Thirsty here…

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And no freaking rebates!

LOL, water. What’s that? It’s illegal to water anything here. Problem solved. We’re all going for “mad max beyond thunderdome” style landscaping around these parts*

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Is it legal to start a Smart Water business in CA? Will use tankers to move water from here to there… I can buy the v2 and other gadgets then!

We’re thinking of just draining Texas.