Which SmartApp is this? (Pushes custom notifications to speakers)

Media Renderer Events was taking too long to push notifications to my DLNA speaker opon certain contacts opening, so I bought several Samsung R1 speakers thinking there would be some native support to get this to speed up. It is faster, and I found a SmartApp within the built-in app options on the ST iOS app (i.e. without having to add it to IDE) that works great, but I can’t find it anymore!
I have attached the screenshot of one of the routines I have running right now. Does anyone know the name of this app?

I don’t know which one that is…
But I know for certain this is the one you really want…

Thanks. Looks perfect.

Does that require you to have the Alexa?

Not entirely required… But yes

Doesn’t require Alexa to run the Notification app. You just install the Echosistant (Parent smart app) and the Notification add on(child app) and you are good to go. It is highly recommended to install the custom skill if you have Alexa enabled devices but is not required and it doesn’t hurt anything if you don’t create the custom skill.

I had this exact same problem recently when I went to add a new speaker notification - I could see the existing ones but couldn’t remember how I made them. For anyone else having a similar lapse in memory, it’s a Custom monitoring rule in Smart Home Monitor, so you configure new notifications in SHM, not by adding a new SmartApp.

Thanks for jogging my memory. I ended up installing EchoSistant and it’s actually great–I can now tell Alexa to arm the alarm and many other useful commands in addition to the sound notifications when certain doors/windows open (the wildcard feature made it much easier to use than the method I was originally trying to remember).


Glad you like the wildcard &variables . We’ve made the Notification add-on available outside EchoSistant for everyone to use them with or without an Alexa enabled device… The stand alone app is called RemindR…